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Loti Brick - Finest Quality Clay Bricks


Situated at the heart of the Mountainous Kingdom, Loti Brick is the main manufacturer of clay bricks in Lesotho. Only the finest quality clay and water found in the valleys of Lesotho are used to manufacture environmentally friendly , durable, fade resistant and aesthetic clay bricks.


Loti Brick was founded back in 1978 and has over 30 years of knowledge and experience. The Variety of Clay Bricks available at Loti Brick includes Face Bricks (Heart, Mohokare, Senqu, Molepe and Lehakoe) , Plaster Bricks and Pavers. The face bricks are available in Satin, Corrugated and Travetine textures, with Loti 90 (Smaller) and Imperial (Large) sizes.



Quality Control


Stringent quality measures are enforced by an internal Quality Assurance programme.


Environmental Sustainability enironment


Loti Clay Bricks are manufactured from natural resources, emitting no greenhouse gases, and providing energy efficient, low maintenance and fully recyclable structures.




"Building the Nation, brick by brick" 



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